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Premier Security Utah offers home security support, delivering peace of mind by dispatching one of our officers as soon as an emergency is registered by your alarm system.  Our trained professionals will arrive on scene, walk the property, verify an active situation, notify home owners and contact the appropriate emergency services.  We offer support to address post crime challenges 24/7, liaise with other security services and staying on location as necessary until the site is secure.  


  • Walk sections of the property, deterring crime with a visual presence.

  • Report property concerns.

  • Monitor and engage suspicious persons.

  • Respond to calls from the property.

  • Write nightly reports to keep you informed.

  • Provide faster emergency response and situational management in the event of a crisis.

  • On-site liaison with police and emergency responders.

  • 24/Hr dispatch.

When signing up with Premier Security, when your alarm goes off, we dispatch one of our strategically placed officers to verify criminal activity, responding to and managing the situation until police arrive, provide access to critical services to secure your home in the event of damage, and offer piece of mind to home- and business-owners during a crisis.

To get started on your home security plan, please feel free to contact us below for additional information.

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