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We work closely with clients to determine the best time and frequency of patrols that will effectively protect their property.  All patrols are performed by our security personnel operating an official Premier Security vehicle.  Providing clients with security personnel during designated hours, we will perform specific tasks to ensure the safety of staff and customers with our static posts and mobile patrols. 



  • Walk sections of the property, deterring crime with a visual presence.

  • Report property concerns.

  • Monitor and engage suspicious persons.

  • Respond to calls from the property.

  • Write nightly reports to keep you informed.

  • Provide faster emergency response and situational management in the event of a crisis.

  • On-site liaison with police and emergency responders.

  • 24/Hr dispatch.

For our full list security service, be sure to check out our Security Consultative services for a thorough review of your organization's potential security concerns or, such as in the case of threats to life, our Executive Protection services. Contact us today to get started on your custom security consultation.

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