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Premier Security Utah

We are Premier Security, our focus is on highly trained and qualified staff to provide the highest quality security officer for you, our clients.  Our staff have backgrounds in law enforcement, corrections, the military and security.  Working with our clients on-site to develop customized inspection procedures and determine the best patrol time frame and frequency for your property. All patrols are performed by highly trained, licensed patrol officers operating a marked Premier Security patrol vehicle. Our officers will lock and unlock as required, walk sections of the property, speak with residents or clients and respond to calls from the property.


Our Leadership Team


Jon Wallace, President & CEO


Ken Norton, Administrative Manager

Jon retired as a Sergeant from the Salt Lake City Police Department in 2017 with over 20 years of experience, overseeing the Public Order Unit which attended to large crowds with possible riot scenarios. He has training in SWAT, drug recognition, firearms and self-defense and graduated from the West Pointe Leadership Training program.  

Ken is a 38-year veteran of Law Enforcement and Security.  Having retired from the Salt Lake County Sheriff's office, he has experience as a security site manager for a major military contractor before moving into security operations with Premier.  He has extensive training in law enforcement as well as private security.


Jay Miller, Director of Operations


Bryce Merill, Director of Security

Jay has 20 years of management experience in the security and construction industries. Within Premier Security his role includes staffing and day to day operations. He has worked with several event organizers and corporations in Utah on venue security and asset protection. He has trained with law enforcement agencies, security organizations, and received several certifications including as a MOAB instructor.

Bryce has worked in the security field for over 15 years, during that time he has acted as director of security for two companies assisting with the management and operations. Bryce's role within Premier Security is to assist with the day to day operations and planning with providing the appropriate staffing for each location. Bryce has an Associate’s degree in criminal justice and has attended multiple training courses that are offered and required including P.O.S.T. for law enforcement officers. Bryce is a certified instructor in M.O.A.B and de-escalation.


Luke Norton, Director of Security


Kharas Gallegos, Director of Security

Luke has worked in the security field for 7 years. He started in events and moved his way into a supervisory position on the security side. After 2 years as a supervisor, he was promoted to the Events/Security Manager.  AFter 2 very sucessful years as the Events Manager, he was promoted to the Graveyard Director of Security. He is a MOAB instructor and a Premier K9 handler.

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